Eugene Oregon's Atomic Junkyard

is a "Psychotic Rockabilly" trio, with surf, garage-punk, country, R&B, and blues influences. (in other words, rockabilly). They bring their own energy, attitude, and a healthy dose of disregard for the mass-marketed, cookie cutter sounds being shoved down the throats of America.

This music used to be called “rock-n-roll”.

Atomic has been steadily building a devoted fan base with their high energy live show and down-to-earth, grassroots approach. They write most of their own material, but will toss in a few quirky covers for good measure (often on a whim). While they certainly play their share of good ol' rockabilly, AJ is unafraid to step outside of the implied boundaries often imposed on rockabilly bands to create their own sound, rather than conforming to the Wikipedia definition of what this music is supposed to be.

Although Atomic is certainly inspired by much of the music of the 1950s, this is no “retro” or “oldies” act. Rather than trying to recreate 60 year old records (as much as they love them), Atomic jumps off of this base to blast you with vital music happening here and now.

“Rock and roll as if MTV and Woodstock never happened”.

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The Cramps weren't thinking of this weird subgenre when we coined the term "psychobilly" in 1976 to describe what we were doing. To us all the '50s rockabillies were psycho to begin with; it just came with the turf as a given, like a crazed, sped-up hillbilly boogie version of country. - Poison Ivy